I have asked about my favourite place to read a book,

and my favorite time,

so that is my simple answer for both of them:

actually, I like to read in any place I don’t have a problem

and in any time too

you know,

I can read on my home,

and  also I can read on transport,

(If you have your own car listen to audio book)

6 Reasons why do you need listening to Audio-books?

sometimes I like to read on the library too,

but these days, I bought books so I don’t need to go to the library,


really It is not important for me where should I read a book


just please Silence!

I like being in Silence, No interruption, please

so the question about my favorite place (where),

and my favorite time (when) is:


so I read at the early morning!

when there is No one around!

or on the transport, No one can annoy me there!

if you think that transport is a place where you can be annoyed

you will change your mind when you know that,

you have to try to focus..

by sitting a suitable place,

and try to choose a good book,

I mean by a good book that will help you to focus

you may not succeed at the first time,

but a day by day, when you train yourself to read on transport,

you will do your best,

so just give it a try!

I like reading at night too,

before sleeping!

I just try to collect something to my mind,

something I can work on it when I get up,

so reading something useful is so good for me.


why don’t people read? and how can you read good books?

so what about you? what is your favorite place and time to read a book?




Rayhan Abdo

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