I am not sure what kind of books do you prefer? I meant in what edition

but for me, I like to tell you the both features

and by the end, I will tell you what I have chosen…

1.Paper Books:

1. For many hundreds of years, we used paper books,

after they were invented,

at that time, we liked that the information now is near to us,

you have a book, that means you have a piece of knowledge,

and knowledge is power as Fuko said,

so paper books are the first edition of portable knowledge,

after it was just in walls or rocks,

people were happy with inventing a paper book,

because now they can own knowledge from a lot of fields and a lot of kinds of places.
2. Paper book allows you to write down your ideas,

and edit them very quickly, you can add any kinds of an idea in any kind of shape,

you can draw or make lines, anything can explain your ideas,

you really feel that you own that book.


2.Pdf books:

1. I read most of my time pdf books,

that is because it’s more portable than the paper version,

I can read while I’m on my bed, even there is no light,

by the way, you can read in a light  lamp,

nothing will happen to your eyes as some study suggests that.

2. Pdf book is very cheap comparing to paper books,

not all people are able to buy all paper books,

so pdf books help us in reading a lot of books in a cheap price

or for Free most of the time
3. There are a lot of features you can find in pdf books,

you can make notes, and you can edit them in any time too

4. pdf books helped a lot of writers to publish their own books,

they don’t need printing press anymore,

they can publish their books, to a lot of audiences,

in just 10 minutes

that is why pdf books are very popular for both authors and writers.

what are my favorite editions of books?

I like a paper book when I can hold a book, smell it

I like making a lot of lines, drawing while reading

I like pdf book too, I like that I can read in anytime

on transport, on my bed, in any place and time

and I can get a lot of free pdf books if there are no rights

so did you get my point?

I like both of the editions!

because anyone has its own features!

It is like we love being human because we are different,

because we have different points of views!




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