Why I am not reading books these days?

I think most of you my friends know that I am from Sudan,

After you read all my tips of encouraging you to read books

Like this one:  why do you need to read books?

Now why I am saying that I am not reading books these days!

Do you know that I am a Sudanese girl?!

Do you know what is happening in Sudan now?



No one told you about our revolution?

I can’t read books, while I can see 37 people were killed now

because they said enough..

because they said Go, Go, Go Albashair!

They said enough to Omer Albashair

president of Sudan now (but this his last days)


they said: Enough of injustice

Enough of killing people in Darfur

Enough of lying

Enough stealing our ambitions, dreams, futures

Enough killing us while we are alive!

30 years and you haven’t stopped your oppression for this good people

A lot of Sudanese live in hunger, unemployment, injustice because of you

So please Enough


The social media was banned from us these last days,

but thanks for using VPN to connect to the world

What do you think will happen next?

There is No silent now,

so wake up Sudanese people

This generation will continue their revolution until the end

This generation which you afraid from their weapons (social media) will teach a lesson about Freedom


There will not be any illiterate, injustice again

We will build a big new, modern and a healthy country for us

We will clean your dirty deeds and dust

We will lead our country to be a great free country

Thanks for all who ignored us from outside and inside,

just remember we are human

But are you a human?

R.I.P for everyone who was killed in this revolution

God bless their soul!


Thanks for all Sudanese who are ready to give this country anything,

to build it again

Thanks for our blessed revolution

Don’t forget to follow this hashtag




Rayhan Abdo

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