if we want to talk about listening to audiobooks, we should remember that we have started using paper books for a long period of time,

and recently, in this new world of information, we have started to read pdf books too, easy to find, and easy to read it in any time using our phones or tablets!

But if you notice listeing to audiobooks are a very old fashion for books, very effective and also easy to listen and get benefits from them and that is what we are going to talk today on bookmessages blog.

Why do I think Audiobooks are a very effective way of getting knowledge?

  1. Maybe you have the same idea that I had in the past,  listening to audiobooks is a good way but you prefer to read by yourself,
    I discovered that I was wrong when I find how much knowledge I can get from listening to audiobooks when I feel that I can touch any book after reading a lot of books per a week, so when I feel I can’t read, I use audiobooks.
  2. Do you have time to read by yourself? Audiobooks are extremely useful when you don’t have time to read, The best thing about listening to audiobooks is the effective time that you can take through using this way,
    you can listen while you are driving, when you are on the transport, if you are waiting for something or someone, you can listen to audio books in anytime you choose, so you make the best use of your time while doing another thing at the same time.
  3. Listening to audio books helps you to be in a good mood, you will feel comfortable like listening to someone who guides you, and talks to you directly, which it feels like talking from heart to heart with your mentor.
  4. When I used audio books to listen to novels, they had a good impression to me, like Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, I felt like I listen to his friend who read to me all the adventures, I was washing dishes when I was listening, so I enjoyed my time to listen to this wonderful narrative and at the same time I make the maximum use of my time.
  5. Listening to audiobooks can help you to return to listen to the same idea more than one time, just replay it again from the point you want and enjoy!
  6. Listening to audiobooks will give you the chance to listen to the author himself, Most of the audiobooks are recorded by the author, especially self-help books, and I noticed the company use the best voice too when recording novels, that is a part of marketing and I liked it.


Recommended listening to audiobooks:

  • The science of getting rich
  • Manifest now
  • Secrets of Millionaire mind
  • Short stories of Sherlock Holmes
  • Think and Grow Rich
  • Who moved my cheese


Good sources of Audiobooks:

Finally, I have a list of good sources of audiobooks:

  • Amazon: a good place to find paper, pdf and also audio books, at the same edition, so go there and download your favorite audiobooks
  • Telegram: my best source of audio books, actually my only source too, because I do use this app to check my special channel of listening to audiobooks, you will find a lot of do you have another source of getting audiobooks?Don’t miss reading this: what is something that you don’t know about self-help books?

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