maybe you are asking yourself why do you need to read books?

Why do you need to read books?

A Philosophy called Fuko one time said: Knowledge is the power!

So the first source of knowledge; books,

why do we need to read books?!


  1. Increase your knowledge:

    Reading books helps you to increase your knowledge and information, and it helps you to be on the track of any new information that appears daily in this Rapid world. Like reading about history, technology, the universe, etc

  2. Learning for obtaining new skills:

    I learned most of the soft skills from reading books, I even learned drawing by reading books too, I wrote about my experience of learning drawing here

  3. Getting awareness:

    Reading books helps you for awareness, which needs you to know and apply in your life. Like the book, I read before the power of now by Eckhart Tolle (Review)

  4. Achieve your goals :

    Reading books Helps you to achieve your goals from the experiences you will take from others experiences which you can find them in their words.

  5. Deep experiences for a better life:

    I don’t have a lot of experiences in my life yet, but I read books to learn from others experiences.

  6. Embedding new effective habits:

    Reading books is very helpful in embedding new effective habits like what I find in a popular book called Seven habits of highly effective people.

  7. Why I read Think and Grow Rich, and the science of getting rich? I have a lot of goals in y life especially a financial one, so I read many books in this field and repeat them most of the time, so reading helps us to achieve our goals.
  8. Think deeply and Meditate:

    Reading is a kind of a good way of meditating of our life, like what I found in the shift by Wyne Dyre.

  9. Entertainment:

    Reading is a kind of entertainment too like what we find in reading Novels and Jokes and any entertainment books.

    Finally, I think you have your own point of view about reading books, can you tell us about it?


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