I have started reading self-help books in a very small age, especially books that about planning for a good life.

In every book I read at that time, I felt so excited before, during, and after finishing, for a day, for five days and then everything turned as usual after a week!!!

I was the same Rayhan again!

and I started to question myself: why don’t you change girl after reading all this?

why reading self-help books didn’t change me?

I was still in my place!

a little change happened but we couldn’t consider it a real change.

But everything has changed when I started to read self-help books one by one,

not a lot of books in one week,

but one book for a month and a year,

I started to understand that I should apply the principles or nothing will change in my personality, behaviors or habits!

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Appling principle of self-help books:

There is No good life without a real experience by applying !!

I needed just two equations I learned from reading self-help books :

Read + apply = results

Read+ no apply= No RESULT !

Hint: I put a good experience about reading self-help books on my book:

Master your reading skills part one

you will find in my book:

1. Do you know that Reading is a skill and you need to improve your reading skills?
2.why don’t people read? and how can you help yourself to read?!
3. A great new way! to a better reading experience (program your mind for conscious reading)
4. 4 tips: Are your struggle to finish a book?  Let me help you!

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