Do you like visiting any book fair?

Yesterday I went to Khartoum international book fair, it was a very great day❤

I have worked there in Khartoum International book fair for 5 years, I loved the smell of the papers of the books everywhere!
I love meeting my friends there, as we love to meet each other there as it’s a kind of cultural tourism for us. I surprised meeting my friends who I have known them before 6 years!
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Why I do like going to book fair and buying books?

  1. Reading is my favorite kinds of taking experience, so I enjoy reading people other’s experience which I find in the book fair.
  2. What I like about Reading, it helps me to let my EGO down because whenever I know a new information or knowledge, I give up that I don’t know anything.
  3. Through reading, my language, on the other hand, has improved, and I can learn a lot of expressions to show my thoughts and feelings.
  4. Reading helps me to jump and travel from one place to another, from one mind to other and etc, so I enjoy my trips from my place, I love book fair because of this kind of traveling  🙂
  5. I feel that with every experience I read, I grow more, and that helps me to choose and decide more effectively.
  6. Reading helped to organize my life, and learn from my mistakes and others.
  7. Book fair is the best place to find a lot of books, so be ready which kind of books you like to buy.
  8. In book fair, you will find a lot of writers and authors, so they can enjoy their talk in this cultural tourism.

I hope that one day to travel around the world and enjoy visiting a lot of book fairs in every country :)❤📕📚
I don’t mind to travel to another country just because of one book :)❤

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