someone asked me this:

What do you carry with you that brings joy to your life?

It is a very beautiful question…
we all have to try to reply it!
we wake up every day and pray from the bottom of our heart to have a wonderful day!
how can we accomplish this?
have we tried to ask ourselves deeply one day about that?
how can we found the real joy of our life if we couldn’t be so clear with ourselves?
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How can you find the joy of your life?

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For me how do I feel the joy of life?

  1. A moment:
    I am trying my best for Living every moment as it is, No feeling a regret of pain from a past which has gone, and no future which hasn’t come yet.
  2. A book:
    my way of getting experiences in life.
  3. Love and Respect:
    I feel deep peace when I love whenever I can or I can’t, Love is about our actions.
  4. A diary/Notebook:
    whenever I write I feel so relieved.
  5. Helping someone:
    I feel so blessed when someone asks me for help because I know there is a reward will come on my way soon.
  6. Gratitude:
    He created me for a reason, and I am happy to know and live my life around that.

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