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      God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Reinhold Niebuhr


         Why don’t we just be a human?


    I wanted to tell my teacher how I was feeling bad right now, but a message popped up from him, I read that he too in a hard situation, it was so hard more than my situation, what surprised me that; he just accepted it with a lot of hope to start again!

I smiled, stopped sending my message and said to myself!

Start again!

BTW, I am still in the shift’s time 🙂
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yes, I am happy that before a year from now, I was in a bad experience,

actually, I thought it was really bad experience in my work,

and because of it, I turned to work as a freelancer full-time job,

I really dislike to work as an employee, I tried that once

, and every time I talked to a boss or other employees who wanted me to work with them,

I couldn’t feel better, I just couldn’t imagine that I can work from 8 to 4 one go without stopping,

and there is no time for improving myself, or go out with friends at the time I choose not waiting for my weekend!

         at that time, I used to sleep very late, I had many things to do at night,

and I was in a course of trainers, I came too late after the course,

waking very early to work again, it was very hard to me,

although I worked with a nice boss, I didn’t feel that I am an employee with him,

He treated me so good and helped me a lot in working,

and I took some of my good experience in writing from him,

he never thought that one day I will move, because of my reason for doing new experience in another work,

until that day came, he gave me free will to come and go in anytime, when I left in silence with a strict decision that I will not work like that anymore.

Not all the Gold shine!

        I wanted to chase a dream,  I chased  this dream many years, to be a good trainer,

and I became that trainer but I surprised with that environment I found in training work,

it was full of show, people like to enjoy listening without doing,

they will tell you that you gave them the best advice, and they go to their home doing nothing,

how many people who go to training/courses session every year?

how many of them have really changed?


anyway, I found myself more in writing,

when I was a trainer, my salary is nothing at all compared with working as a writer,

my income was doubled 6 times, I found a real passion for writing,

I could write just a piece of paper and my customers were so happy about that just piece of paper!!

Experiences are about doing Good and Bad things too!

      Right now, I am preparing my self to a new shift, I will make it this time,

I will never wait for something to happen, I will start my new business, I have 3 projects, and I will be happy to release them this month,

I will try to focus on them as much as I can, If I faced any problem in my way, personal or out of this, I will never stop them,

yesterday I learned that I don’t need to be either strong or a weak person to face obstacles, I just need to be a human!

I just need to be a human, who always dreams to be useful, helpful, happy, with a lot of ambitions.

No one can feel what burns inside us, and we don’t need to show that, we just need to act normal as a human, with our actions we show who we are!

when I had to take a decision over something, I hoped that some miracles came to my life to set me free from it,

but lucky me, I found the miracle, it was always beside me but I couldn’t notice that

now I am enjoying knowing my miracle is in front of me, I am a Human

always the miracles around us, but we just don’t watch them, because we believe in what society taught us more than believing in what we have to teach ourselves through our daily experiences with universe.

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can you see the nearest flower to you?

how did it grow from a seed to a complete flower?

be a human, and notice this miracle!

do you remember how your body looks when you were 5 years? 10 years? 15 years? now? do you see the miracle of growing? then you are a human, an animal can’t understand this!

when I felt so bad to take just one decision, because of thinking I stopped working, yoga and listening to music for three days,

I suddenly found that I had a fever and severe headache, my mind was out of my present,

I neglect my health and my mind over silly things, I couldn’t feel how the time is passing very quickly,

till a moment when I remember with a lot of motivations that I have just to focus on Now! I remember what Eckhart tole said in his book (The power of Now ) :

Thinking in the past which has already gone or in the future which hasn’t come yet, it is a kind of severe pain to us, control your thoughts to just think in your present, in now!

I always say that books are nothing if we don’t apply the teachings in our life,

now I really feel better to understand the practical method which the spiritual teacher said, so what I feel now if I made a mistake, then I have to be a human to act/do right things too.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Reinhold Niebuhr


Rayhan Abdo

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