I stopped working for 3 days till now,

my work these days is writing articles I don’t know how to describe that but really I just need a break, a peaceful break full of self-love and acceptance.

I surprised because of many things about me,

you will wonder How I changed my thoughts in just hours when I went to visit my friend who her father died, His story about his life and how he died made me rethink again about my life,

I learned that Death is the only truth that we have to work in this life because of it.

I think another shift came to my life, but the real moments of the shift haven’t finished yet because as I  read to Wyne Dyre in his book (Shift)

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After a struggle or a bad experience or whatever you don’t like, something outside is waiting for you, and it will be very clear and recognizable it called the momentum quantity.

      Most of the time I like to keep things to myself, although I am an extroverted girl,

and that is what other people don’t know about us, we like people who can understand us without even talking, Is that the same thing introverted people do?

No, of course! Because Introverted people don’t like even to share, but we do like!

I am so supportive to my friends, but they can’t be supportive to me,

because simply how will they know that I want their support if I don’t talk?

that is my mistake of course which I can’t change because it is one my nature,

I mean I grew this habit, moreover, I like our friendship to be healthy all the time,

whatever I might face in life, how can I cut their joys and laugh to let them just focus on me to have a lot of attention?

I think that is one of my saying and one of my habits too lol

my close friends are my sisters, who I trust them very much,

I wake up every day, talking a lot with them, share my dreams, ambitions, cook, clean, laugh, play, even we chat with each other on whats app, we have a group just for sisters 🙂 ,

we are together on social media as in our real life too, and I feel all the joy with them since my childhood,

I am so lucky to have lovely and supportive girls like them <3
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I tried to be a close friend to people outside my family, but this didn’t work in many cases,

they ( my friends) don’t accept me as I am, they like to talk about pain, problems and many things most of the time, and I prefer talking about solutions, and dreaming of the best reality,

but no one likes dreams, they prefer the reality that they already created it, (Not all my friends like that there are who really lovely, supportive and etc)

but wait are you telling us that you don’t accept the rest of them as they are? are you making the same mistake?

I will let you judge after this ( when the (mindset) is always about negative thoughts what should I do?)

my rules of friendship:
a lot of love,
a lot of respect,
No judgment,
and a lot of fun 🙂
when we were children, we were like that, why suddenly everything has changed? who had started to change these important principles of life?

something else, I forget to introduce you to my beautiful friends,

my diary and my books!

 yes, I like reading and writing, I can’t imagine this life without them,

I mentioned that I stopped working as a writer, but I continue doing what I love by writing on my diary,

and I can’t even stop it. although yesterday, I arrived too late and I was so tired and exhausted I found time in the last minutes to write my diary,

what I did, who I met, which I chose, It is like something a part of me and I wish I never stop it until the end.

how my books are my friends?

I was frustrated with how much things I chose in my life!

and till now I don’t know if they are right or wrong,

did I choose good or bad?

but lately I found that they were good experiences for me,

when I read some books, I saw people with near experiences to me,

my favorite fields,  self-improvement, biography books, and even great Novels are having those good experiences which helped me to say to myself

come on Rayhan, you are not alone, there are people on this planet, share with you the same experiences”



It is very bad to choose to be with anyone randomly,

just when you feel you are lonely,  we need to know that we are the  best friend to ourselves,

so I think by reading a book or writing your heart out, you will feel so relieved,

I have a specific way of writing, it makes me better, I write everything in my mind even silly things or memory of meeting someone, and sometimes jokes which I remembered,

I add my comments over everything I write, and I say my true feelings about it.

by doing this I save my tongue from being rude to anyone,

so when I feel bad about someone, I prefer to keep silent,

pull my diary and write clearly why I felt like that,

all my negative thoughts and bad feelings would go away,

and I feel so healthy and again I return to my good mood.


my best advice I have known through all these years, Be always kind whatever happens,

don’t use your bad tongue for revenge or to let someone down

because that will let you full of negative energy, which will stop you from good thinking.

and don’t forget you can’t ever delete what you said to people, and they will never forget it.

you can be a human and express your feeling but don’t be rude!


Take a lovely break :

yesterday, while I was reading a book on transport, the music player there was turned on a nice song, I love that song very much,

so I stopped reading for minutes and enjoyed listening, and the lovely thing I was reading some phenomenon poets which they have raised my soul up.

so do you feel how much it so lovely to take a break from something you love to another thing you love and turn again?
Human beings like that, sometimes they need a break, if you understand this gab, you will understand the meaning of love and friendship.
Don’t wait, take a lovely break!


I hope my next friend will be my daughter in the future,

using my female intuition, I feel that she will be my close friend,

I will let her feel the peace and love of books and Music,

I can’t wait to teach her how to read and how to write, and how to play music.

there are a lot of books must be read by her, short stories, Novels, history, philosophy, biography and a lot of books, and I will be very proud to be her storyteller as I am doing now to my little siblings.

I am thinking to write short stories from now and save it to her until she became aware of them, this idea gives me a lot of enthusiastic energy 🙂

I will give her choices of course, but I will not be stingy to teach her love and peace in every beautiful nature and experiences!

I hope the next generation will be better than us and value real friendships, principles, Knowledge, peace, and love.

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Rayhan Abdo

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