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10 Selective advice just for you!

  1. the first good advice:Keep asking yourself:

    why you are here? what is the meaning of being alive on this earth? what will you do if you have just 3 months/6months/ year/70 years?
    Don’t stop asking, be always curious!

  2. Be yourself:

    if you take a look around you, all people want you to be like them, and at the same time, they don’t want you to succeed over them :), accept that, if you could it, that means you have your own self-awareness, you know yourself and you understand others.

  3. Actions talk louder:

    a good advice to you, learn how to be self-disciplined, you are not here for a random reason to live randomly too, you need to know every day what do you want to do, and do it, yes take your action and enjoy it

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  4. Be a proactive person:

    It is one of the seven habits that steven covey mentioned in his book, Don’t wait for something outside to happen, and no one can rescue you, just you, yes you!! do all things alone!!

  5. a Higher power!

    another good advice , if you connect a higher power in your life, you prove that there is nothing happens randomly, it will be for you a God, for other people another meaning, but that records in your believe system, take care about this part and try to feel the peace of knowing that you are here for a reason.


  6. Love unconditionally:

    start by yourself, self-love is like the energy which will help you to love all the existence, people, sand, mountains, trees etc, No one can give something that he doesn’t own it.

  7. Save your tongue and Be kind:who like the damage people? who always Negative and talk badly about others?
    Kind: it is different from love, love is something inside but how can you prove that you love all the existence? Kind is about behavior, just treat every person and everything with a lot of love, with a lot of respect, don’t let any kind of judgment affect your self-awareness!
  8. chase your passion:

    A piece of good advice to you too, if you don’t chase it, what will you do here then? this life full of actions, choose the best for you and do what you love, not what people want you to do it!

  9. A smile can change the world!

    Who dosen’t know about this good advice? be helpful for others, that what will feed your soul more, smile, give money, sow a plant, work as a volunteer, do anything will make your soul shine.

  10. Did you expect that someone could do it for you and he didn’t? did you expect a call or a message and till now haven’t reached you?Stop your Higher expectations about anything! Live your moments, and enjoy them like that.Don’t miss: 6 Reasons why do you need listening to Audio-books? 

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    Master your Reading skills

    Rayhan Abdo

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