what do you know about speed reading?

I knew someone who read 50 books a month.

He learned speed reading a long time ago at university, and I believe he has become even faster since he had first started it.

I have also learned speed reading, and at that time when it was my first days of learning, I could read up to 600 words/minute. It was a very great experience, and I loved a lot.

Later I knew a lot of important lessons about speed reading and that what I am doing it now.

The lessons which I have learned:

1. I don’t read everything at the same speed. Trying to understand what you read as well as possible is really important. So, I change my speed based on what kind of book I read.

For example, reading a philosophy book for the first time, I read it at 250 words per minute and then reread it faster at 400 words per minute.

2. Moreover, I don’t read every page or sentence at the same speed, either. That would be impossible.

And the last thing to note is that I keep rereading books I like, and here is my point of view about  Reread for improving your reading and writing skills

Recommended books for speed Reading:

I read many books about speed reading, but the most useful one:

  1. The first book: Speed Reading by Tony Buzan.
    images (5).jpg
  2. The second book: how to read better and faster by Norman Lewis511OscnYU9L._SX375_BO1,204,203,200_
  3. The third book: How to read a book by /Mortimer J. Adler(some important pages talked about speed Reading).images (4).jpg

The best techniques of  Speed Reading:

You can read the recommended books and you will find a lot of important tips and instructions for speed reading, you will improve very quickly and you can observe that within a week. so I will list to you a part of the important techniques of speed reading:

  1. The first tool of speed reading ( your eyes) and you need to Train your eyes to read a lot of words per second,  so please check that your eyes are working very well by going to a doctor and confirm that they are working very well.
  2. use a pencil while you are reading, you had learned that when you were in kindergarten, now you have to know that if you kept using them your speed of reading would be gone so far, so it is highly recommended to use a pencil for reading a book, and keep your track by your pencil under the lines.
  3. use a small card while you are reading too, It is like a pencil but here you can accumulate a lot of words per second through this card.
  4. use a programme of speed reading, you can find it on many websites ( it has a unique technique to train your eyes).
  5. I stopped going back to read the same phrase or sentence if I don’t catch it, simply because if the sentence is very important the writer should repeat it, but if it is not important then why should I return back??! (true or true 🙂  )


Practice reading to understand speed reading:

if you could learn how to draw, will you stop practicing drawing because you become ( well artist)?

what is the meaning of “Well read” then?

Is it something we count it by how many books you have read?

I really don’t think so!

Reading is a kind of skills needs to practice it without stopping!

because with every new book you read, you will get a piece of new knowledge, a new skill, a new aspect, and you will get new energy too

you need to practice these experiences in your life because it will not stop in just reading.

so there is nothing can make you (well read) except if you read the same book 1000 times!

if you want to be “well read” just keep reading without searching for “ well read”, focus on the experience itself and how to get benefits rather than how much books you have read.

best wishes!
Rayhan 🙂

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