I have been reading books about mind and soul for many years

so that I want to recommend books,

and I will list now the most powerful books,

that gave me a new core of my life and I hope that you will enjoy reading them.

Six Recommended books for you:

1. The power of your subconscious mind to Joseph Murphy:

My first recommended book, actually, after I read this book,

there are a lot of pages I still remember their effects on me,

the book is really an amazing guide for teaching you how to be aware of the power of your mind,

you will find many answers to your questions and many solutions to your problems.

2. All books by Mr.Tony Buzan:

The second recommended books by Tony Buzan,

this Auther is really a miracle of changing your mindset,

so you can be open to stretch your muscle of your brain.

I learned to read many books in just a few days

by using the techniques of speed reading from his book (Speed Reading),

and I learned too how can I practice to acquire a lot of knowledge

from life through books,

He wrote about this aspect in many of his books.

He has a special book called how to unleash the power of your mind,

and you can check his book too Mindmap

which is very helpful to let your mind become more organized and your life after that.

3. Unlimited power to Anthony Robbins:

The third recommended book is unlimited power,

before I started reading this book, I had known it from many people who made recommendations

my friend told me that she was doing very bad in her school,

she repeated one year at the university because of her poor score

and her low qualifications,

one of her relatives sent her this book, and the surprise her life was totally changed

and she started to get high marks, she even qualified to study Medicine and now she is a doctor 🙂

what kind of proof do you want more to the power of this book?
you will change your behavior and you will change your life just through your thoughts.

4. The Master of Key system, to Charles Haanel:

The fourth recommended book is the Master of Key system,

if you haven’t read this book till now, of course, you will lose a lot of knowledge,

this a practical book, maybe you will need a month or a year to practice it,

but what will happen after that, you will say, yeah, of course,

I really wanted all of this to change everything, I repeated it more than one time,

and these days I’m thinking to read it again, I love it!
you will know the most powerful techniques of Meditation

which will help you to control your Negative thoughts and increase your positive one.

it is a very old book, but till now it has its charming and its influence over people.

5.Power of Now, Eckhart tole:

Let us tell the truth you can’t understand this book from one session

especially if you don’t give this book its time to understand and apply,

you have to give up and let your Ego down and start to see which amazing ideas the Author could write.

The power of now It is a very deep book and has many profound ideas,

you will start to understand anything about you and about your behaviors,

through knowing your mindset and your pure soul.

I will tell you something about that book, it taught me how to stop thinking,

I meant to control my way of thinking!

 a year ago, I was frustrated by even knowing who I’m?

why did things happen to me like that? Why I’m not someone else except Rayhan?

Who is God? Does he listen to us? Where’s he now?

Why there are poor people and rich one? How this big world arranges? Who’s us? Who are you?

I was thinking and thinking too much, I was frustrated to not have any kind of good answer

I couldn’t know exactly about these thoughts expect they made me feel so sad, 

so frustrated, and a lot of fears and pain

it seems like you’re in a game you don’t know the rules,

and you are forced to stay till the end of the game (Hunger Game)

but later, I learned a lot of good lessons from the book “ the power of now

  • I knew that my mind is just a tool, so I don’t need it to control my life, I need it just to think inappropriate time and place
  • I don’t need to think all the time, because I need to use other tools, besides my mind, I have my soul, why aren’t I use it?
  • I can use my subconscious mind to have creative answers, just by stop thinking and keep silent.
  • I should be on “now” I should learn to stop thinking all the time about past which had already gone and the future which hasn’t come yet, the only real thing in my life is “now” this “moment” it is the end of all suffering, fears, pain, anger and etc

These days I reread this book again because I love it, as my experience, it is a very Good book for starting to enlighten yourself and finding the joy of life.

6.The law of attraction: Esther and Gerry Hicks:

I really envy all the people who met those blessed couples,

Esther who has unlimited power to contact creatures called”Abraham”

which they give a lot of important teachings and principles about us as human beings and about our life.
you should start to read about their whole books,

they are the best according to my experiences with them,

and to be honest the roots of the famous book “ the secret” to Rondha Byrne are those people,

in addition to that, you will find this in their books and even the Australian writer of the book “ Secret “ can’t deny that.

Don’t miss: why do you need to read books?
please feel free to add books which were very helped to you and you want us to know them,

I welcome that very much.

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