what do you think, if your books your enemies?

At the beginning of my 20’s, I was so into books,

I was dying loving books, I had the sickness of the bookworm, it called Bibliomania!
yes, I was like that and more….
I loved  reading books more than  these days,

because I don’t have something to do at that time, except for reading books,

actually, there were a lot of things to do, but I ignore 🙂

sometimes I read 100- 200 pages per day, and I just dedicated my time for reading,

even I learned speed reading because of that,

I could finish a lot of pages in just minutes, and when I use a pencil my speed was going up, why all that?
I just had that feeling I need to read all the books on this planet, and outside the planet

” aliens have their own books, right? 🙂 “
I was always thinking about the things that I don’t know,

which let me so obsessive about books.
Not knowing a thing, it was so frustrated to a teenager who was raised up between people who think that they know everything!
these days, I have changed,  I still love books, and even wrote a book speaks just about reading itself “ I shared it here 
but I know that there are many things I have to do besides reading books,

I have to talk to my family, I have to work to pay my bills,

no one will pay to me my needs, I have to feed my spiritual parts,

it is not important to be just by doing prayers,

but  I appreciate every single life around me, a flower, a paper, a Rock, a dog, a human being !!
that gives me inspiring and links me to a higher power,

even meeting other people needs my time,

I had a lot of friends I lost them because of my busy schedule,

it is funny that how did I lose them? 🙂
some days I had books, and I didn’t have even a piny,

but I still had books and I forced myself to go to the library and attend all book clubs,

I had that time to talk just about books I had read and discussed with people everywhere,

in real life, on social media, on transport, in every place, it was an addiction.
some days I never miss a day without reading!

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one day, I woke up, by a book too,

I knew, I should grow up one day,

I should have to know a real experience, and how that came?
I met a friend on social media, he knew that I like reading,

and he started to ask me some questions, I replied to him as what I already read and knew,

he kept listening to all what I had known, then he offered to teach me as I know nothing 🙂
luckily that I don’t have that “EGO”   which will stop me to learn from someone who saw that I don’t know enough, he kept teaching me almost for a month
and before we ended our sessions I asked him:

how do you know all these things?

my expectation was he might read thousands of books,

and he has that big library. then the answer was shocked to me
Me: how did you learn all these things, you are such a knowledgeable one?
He: mostly my own experiences
Me: what?
He: actually I don’t read books, and I don’t remember what was the last time I read a book!!!
really I shocked, and if you are in my place you will shock too

because what I learned from him, I would need a lot of books to read them, digest the ideas, and that may take two years if I reread the books!!
just experiences!
what is the meaning of experiences?
I was killing myself all these years on books, and I don’t know like what he knows, how can by just experience in life know all of that?
I had a friend who loves reading books,

he reads day and night, his life was so miserable, he is at the end of 20’s, and he can’t even feed himself without the help of his family!
I really don’t know why he keeps  doing the same things all those years,

and we can’t see any kind of results, it likes what Einstien said:

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


my lessons for you:

  1. our ancestors learned about these world through their experience, and after that, they transferred all the knowledge and information that we might need through using, walls, rocks, trees, purdah and etc,
  2.  so you can learn from experiences through any kind of ways according to what you have in your hands.
  3. Use your favorite way of getting experiences to improve yourself first, and let the world handle itself 🙂
  4. Don’t focus on how much things you know, focus on how much are they useful to you in your life?
  5. Share your experiences with the people around you so you can understand the track of your life.
  6. don’t wait for someone to reach you, go find your experience, and yes I learned this very late but I am happy I learned it, better late than Never.
  7. Try to make a lot of varieties in your experiences, don’t stay just in one place or having just one way. read a lot of books, history, philosophy, comedy, novels, self-improvement and etc.
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    Rayhan Abdo


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