Do you like to reread your favorite books?

         I read 2–3 books as a part of my daily routine, that’s because I want to refresh myself and stop feeling bored from reading just one book, and also I like to have some changes during my day in the ideas and perspectives of others,

so these days I’m reading these books:

  1. Think and Grow Rich:

    I think this my 4 time to read this book, not just because to be rich as the book is titled, but I need to review the book more than one time, there are a lot of real stories have a lot of effect on me, and I want to know some important secrets in the book, how to achieve my goals!

  2. Draw from the right side of the brain:

    I want to improve my skills in drawing, I draw portraits and I want to be more skillful, and I notice some good improvements in my drawing 🙂

  3. The science of Getting rich:

    It’s an audiobook, a very nice one, I finished it but I want to repeat it more than one time to digest the important ideas inside the book.

  4. The power of now ( the guide to spiritual enlightenment

    this my second time or third  I am not sure exactly to read this book, I am always open for spiritual life guidance.


so why do I repeat some books more than one time?

I wrote about my story of rereading some books in my previous post Here:

Seven years ago, I read a novel “4o Rules of Love” by Elif Shafak. At that time, I thought the novel wasn’t a nice one. I couldn’t understand why people liked it. After about three years, I read it again. I had bought the book for a friend, but the day before I gave it to her, I started to read it. I couldn’t believe that this was the same novel I read before!… What really happened?!! I found that I could digest many of the ideas. I had noticed we can not live in our learning process comfort zone for a long time if we want to change our ideas and perspectives which would be good to expand our minds and souls. It is a part of our humanity to learn through our experiences and keep moving without stopping. I read a lot of books more than once. If I find a book is good but I don’t have a lot of experience to understand the deep meaning of it, or I should know some principles before reading it, then I save that book in its place until I can read it.

According to my point of view, I reread  those books because of:

  1. they are very interesting to me.
  2. they have a lot of important details, which I need to record them.
  3. I reread books which helped me to overcome a specific thing, and I am sure if I repeat reading that book, something will show to me again.
  4. if I need to write very well then I have to know how professional people write creative texts and that through rereading.


Reread your texts, books, etc:

I wrote my book in almost just a month but I needed to revise and Edit it in almost a year, every time I came to read my words I feel like I need to add something or to make some changes so I learned from rereading my own books a lot of things:

  • be sure you are not in such a hurry while you are writing, sometimes you will go in writing without completing the ideas, and if you came back again after a long time, it will be hard to make it like that you had before.
  • revise what you have written more than one time, and you will test yourself by doing that, and you will notice how have you improved in your knowledge, information, and style of writing skills.
  • Don’t be afraid to make some changes, a lot of good writers in all of the world had changed their ideas and their writing styles more than one time, even after publishing their books, so that why there is a lot of versions of the good books.

some of the books that I reread them this year:

  1. The power of now (Eckhart Tole)
  2. Think and Grow rich (Napoleon Hill)
  3. the shift (Wayne W.Dyre)
  4. Ask and its given (Abraham hicks)
  5. The secret (Rhonda Byrne)
  6. The law of attraction (Abraham hicks)
  7. Eat that Frog (Brian Tracy)
  8. The History of Philosophy.
  9. The way to love. (Deback Shopra)
  10. the seventh spiritual laws of Success (Debac Shopra)
  11. Emotional Intelligent (Daniel Goleman)
  12. The astonishing power of emotions (Abraham Hicks)

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