I have been working to encourage people to the benefits of reading books,

almost 6 years, I worked alone and after that

I joined a beautiful team who were dreaming like me,

I struggled a lot, we struggled a lot, we worked days and nights,

there are a lot of days, I cried because all my efforts were gone,

we succeeded in some time and there was a time that we failed,

I tried to give all my attention and all of my life to a goal called:

Let us read and raise up our awareness!


I have been asking this question: why people don’t read,

even if you try very hard to tell them the benefits of reading?

I found some answers

 why don’t people read?

  • The first reason: They don’t learn the importance of reading good books
    from their parents, school system, society, and mentors,
    as the proverb said: Early start, Grow Smart 
  • They don’t put reading as one of their priorities in their life as a great way to learn from experiences.
  • They think they are smart enough to know and achieve without needing to read.
  • another strange Reason, our new world of technology and social media,
    but please Don’t tell me that because of it ,
    if you notice there are a lot of people they are on social media platform too and they still reading,
    so the point if you put the skill that you want to improve in your priority.
    it will be easy for you to handle the social media issue.
  • They think they are busy doing a lot of important stuff,
    they work for food and clothes, so no time for reading good books.
  • Most of the good books have a higher price,
    and they think that is not a good point to encourage reading in society,
    although there are a lot of other options,
    if you notice with me there are pdf books and in other kinds of versions,
    they are very cheap more, and I think if you don’t have enough money to buy a specific book,
    then move on to another book in another version on websites
    and don’t hesitate to read a lot of other good books on the same subject
    and you can buy that book later, but you will be astonished that,
    this book is no longer important as you expected from the beginning.
  • The negative messages, reading is very hard, only smart people can read,
    what’s the benefits of reading if I forget some meaning and so on.
  • they just try to read some articles, websites, newspapers,
    and Magazines and think it will satisfy them from Knowledge and information,
    in my point of view, books are more important.

Why do I think Books are more important than the Newspaper and Magazine?

  • in good books: you have a choice more of what will you put in your mind, what will feed your mind in your daily basis, and that will draw your week, month, year and all of your life.
  • Magazine and newspapers have their Agenda, they want you to think about a specific issue in the way they like if you don’t have a lot of knowledge that thing will shape you, and you will start to talk like what they want ( their Agenda wins 🙂 )
  • Back to books issue, you will choose the book from the beginning according to your goals and what do you want exactly to improve it, in newspapers and magazines there is no goal from you, just you read without knowing what will happen in those papers, so you don’t have any control.
  • In reading good books, You can know the truth from a lot of sources and what is origin too, do you know the sources of any articles? how this information is collected like this?
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now: if you want to start reading, what should I tell you? 🙂

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How can you read good books?

  • I recommend you to start reading about reading itself,
    so you become more aware of this kind of learning process and
    to encourage yourself to read more in the next days.
    Reading is a kind of skill needs to know how to make a daily habit of reading.
  • Choose a field you like it and you are definitely talent on it,
    read about it and the people on the same track.
  • Try to improve your personality by seeking about books
    that help you to improve specific skills ( personal- development books) are the best here.
  • Read about biography and autobiography to people you’re seeing them are very inspired to you,
    find out what those interesting things in their personality make you like them.
  • Try fiction books especially about mysterious, science fiction stories,
    I don’t recommend to read a lot of romantic books that maybe they will affect you and make you addicted to them 🙂 unless you know how to control :p
  • When you feel that you improved in reading don’t hesitate to read about philosophy books,
    actually, there are a lot of books made the philosophy field very easy to read,
    as the novel called Sophie’s world.
  • Read about history too, just be careful to read a lot of points of views,
    here you can understand my point more:what is your point of view about History and Phylisophy books?
  • Don’t miss your free book: Master your reading skills part one

    Rayhan Abdo

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