I read the book Think and Grow rich more than one time,

I decided to read it again,

and today I read the part of the pages about the son of Napoleon Hill

and how he overcame his handicapped with the encouragement from his father,

at the first place and his mother,

he born deaf and the doctor from the first sight according to x-ray told them that boy will never hear again,

but Napoleon Hill had that strong determination his son will hear again,

he let him take an ordinary school not the special one for deaf people,

and he was saying to his son you will hear one day about 20 years without feeling any depression that his self-positive talk will not work, he just plants the desire to his son to hear like all people.

when His Son near to 20, he used by a coincidence a machine that helped him to listen to his mother sound, birds, colleagues, and anything for the first time,

and his father Napoleon Hill was sure that day will come whatever doctors said.

Later the son decided to help other deaf people to hear like him, and he dedicated his time and all efforts for that.

I really love this book Think and Grow Rich because of the many inspiring stories that Hill put on the pages.



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