what is the meaning of “HERO” in our community?

I noticed that in most communities people like the strongest people,

they like people who do tremendous things, they like people who are “Heros”,

you can notice the movies and series  people create them, always there must be a hero,

those heroes are the perfect people,

even their mistakes, are not mistakes,

A mistake in the world of hero is a  thing that may delay your success,

so It is not strange to see our societies are demanding and waiting for those heroes,

the one who can change everything in just two days!!

they are waiting for a perfect political leader, a creative scientist, an ideal boss and so on,

it is something became very normal,

while I think it supposes the change starts from a lot of ordinary people who are very aware of the process of changing,

and  YOU are one of those Heros.

The New Hero:

Let me tell you something, New HERO:

 you know that you are not super stranger person,

you are like us, but you know how to communicate better than us,

you have the best skills of communicating with the outside world.

which these skills are handy and anyone can learn it.

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One day, a coach gave us as a team a small project to work on it,

he guessed I will do my best to finish the project as the best one,

at the same time I thought that the team I was included in; didn’t have much to do with that project,

it is obvious that I underestimated them, so I decided intentionally to work on the project alone.

I started to tell them  ” we should do that quickly before the time and we shouldn’t do that and so on

and before I started to put my hands on the project,

one of the members of the team told me ” you are so anxious girl, relax  and we will not know how to work”,

at that time, really I was shocked by what she said,

and I felt how much stupid what I was thought,

  who I am to tell the people in my team to do or not to do,

if one of them can notice easily my weakness!!

what happened after that!

because I didn’t want to go on with them at the same kind of thought,

I was putting it in my mind, they worked as the best team, I relaxed and worked with them as a teamwork,

how? I just listened and watched what they were doing, and gave comments, and they liked that !!!!


Give others attention as you want attention to yourself!

Listen to others and listen to others, you will inspire them!

what did I learn from that experience??!

if you want to do great things just shut up your mouth and watch what people do.

Nelson Mandela as a great leader, he was asked: how did you become a very great leader in all over the world? he said: I learned that from my Dad , when I was young I learned something important from him, when we went to a meeting:  first: all of us set on a circle and second: my father was the last one to talk

so what is the lesson exactly?

we make great mistakes when we think we are more important than others,

(you will not be a Hero if you think like that)

so all should listen to us and give us all the attention,

and that for sorry we call it poor communication skills which will let you out of the game of  HERO!

Don’t be too much into let people listen to you,

I will tell you a bad truth, I read it in a book called Eat That Frog ( Author: Brian Tracy)

80% of people don’t care about what are you saying ,

and the rest which is 20% they are searching for something pleased them while you are talking.

that is the human nature dear,

you shouldn’t need to be in a shock, of it, just you need to use it as a powerful tool in communication with people.

how does new hero use it ?

  1. When you listen to people, you give a message that you care about them by your attention,
    that means they will care about you too deeply,
    but don’t try to put your first priority is to let people care about you,
    believe me, your intention will reach easily to them,
    so be honest by caring and don’t wait for something in return.
  2. when I learned how to listen to people more than I speak,
    I started to understand the speech till 100%,
    my focus is up and I can reply to the questions might the other ask me,
    but if I just wait for the other till he finishes his speech to talk,
    that will let me obviously not knowing where to start,
    because I will not catch the main idea, and I will be confused to remember what he said to reply.
  3. in the face of everyone, any human being,
     “please give me your attention, please care about me”
    and he likely shows it to you, so from the beginning better you give that attention
    or that person will think from the poor communication skills you are not the suitable one to talk and interact with,
    and maybe Next time he or she will avoid you, and  I don’t think that you want people to avoid you!!
  4. It is very stupid to think that you are the most important one,
    but it is very clever to think that we are the most important ones!
    so you don’t need to prove that to yourself but you need to prove it to that one who is talking with you now.
  5. Keep practicing how to be a good listener,
    you can learn from books, there are a lot of books talk about how to be an active listener.
    don’t read and just think that you learned the skill,
    No, of course, you need to practice it with someone or with your family,
    tell them that you want to practice it and they will help you a lot.
  6. yes Keep silent, listen to others and ask questions, people love to ask them questions that gives a message:
  • you were listening to them
  • you care about them.
  • you are a good person for a company.
  • you are on their whitelist 🙂

so they will:

  • care about you.
  • Listen to you.
  • respect you.
  • give you all the attention.
  • and of course, love you 🙂

I will continue next time
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Hasta leugo,


Rayhan Abdo 🙂

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