What do you think about,

being a good writer through being a good reader?

I noticed that I write articles very well from my friends on facebook,

I didn’t know that before 2011,

they told me that I  can be a great writer in the future if I keep writing.

The idea at that time wasn’t chosen by me, but later I loved to choose it and to improve it too!

how did I write an expressive article, while I didn’t have any mentors or knowing any tips about writing?

I have read a lot of books since my childhood,

Reading is one of my greatest habits, which I do it regularly!

I wake up in the morning thinking about what kind of books I will read

or what are the books which I read them yesterday and have affected on me,

or at least I am thinking about books that my friends and people around me recommended it.

I started reading from an early age, I grew up in a home had a library,

and small mind of a child who needed to have answers for all of her questions,

I was hungry to learn something new from books.

minute for fun: just now, I read an article  it was about my Zodiac sign

( My highest high as Sagittarius is a passion for learning)

so now I am very sure why I love learning  🙂 lol

I remember how I started reading from an early age,

I noticed that my Dad used the library a lot of time when he came from his travel,

he read in the evening or in the morning, so I tried to do the same,

when I was a child, I read mostly about books that were not in my level,

but later, I learned from those books again.

repetition of reading a book was one of greatest keys I used to improve myself through reading books,

and that opened to me how to record words and its meaning in my head which helped me a lot to be a writer.

I used to read for Tony Buzan about how can I improve my speed reading,

and he teaches in his books how to understand words so as you can use them.

one of the best ways is to make a Mind Map which will help you to rearrange your ideas in a beautiful way, and you start just pick up work,

and you will push yourself to write about it.

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so I had that ability by practicing,

after a long time of reading a lot of books,

 I adopted another philosophy which was to read and repeat the most important books more than one time, so that helped me to know how to practice the knowledge and information within books.

I think words without practicing are nothing,

so it’s better to have habits of reading and habits of practicing what you read on daily basis.

later, I worked as a freelance writer,

when a customer asks me about writing an article for his website or company,

I just read a lot, and then I write again in my own works, the context of the article becomes more creative.

if you copy, past what other writers do, that will make you less creative,

but if you just notice how they do it and you choose your own way of writing,

that will help you a lot to write in a creative way.

Writing is a kind of an act and this act needs to be feed every day.

when you write today and stop writing for a week

and then start again after a month, then writing is not a priority in your life,

that the message you give to your brain,

so when you start to make it like one of your daily habits,

that will help a lot to let the skill of writing be strength more than you expect,

and by this way, you will create a strong connection between reading the experience in a book

or in life and writing your new points of views about that.

and there will be a time which you will write some strange and creative words,

that you don’t know where they came!!

yeah that is the art within you, you feed it and you see the result.

Lately, I have started to read a lot and write too in Quora community,

which it is one of the greatest ways to improve both of my skills with a lot of people,

who have the same goal as I am, we are there to learn all the important skills to push our life and we just apply it in our real life.

and Quora is the reason which encourages me to write in my blog.

so keep Reading and repeating the best books.
and keep writing the good and the bad till you reach to the best.

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Rayhan Abdo

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