What is your point of view about Reading?

Let me talk a little bit about reading from another point of view,

you can leave a comment if you don’t agree with me 🙂
I think that what we are reading is kinda of experience from the life of the writer him or herself,

and they just use words to express and spread this kind of experience to us,

I don’t think that we should blame them if we couldn’t understand that experience,

because sometimes I hear people say to a specific book “ it is a very complicated book or I didn’t understand something”

okay, nice guy, if you see that book has many complicated ideas,

simply this book is not for you or for your level right now,

can you wait for a little or learn something before you touch it?
I really don’t know why many people think they should have the ability to read all kinds of books,

at any time they want, and that is really not true for example,

7 years ago I read a Novel “4o Rules of love” to Elif shafak

at that time I thought this Novel wasn’t a nice one,

and even couldn’t understand why most people like it,

later after maybe 3 years I read it again, I bought the book for a friend,

but the day before I gave her, I started to read the novel again,

and I couldn’t believe this the same Novel I had read before?! what really happened?!!

I found that I can agree to many of the ideas in that book,

then I have known later we don’t live in our own comfort zone of a learning process for a long time

if we choose to change our ideas or perspective that would be very welcoming from our mind and soul,

and that is a part of our humanity to learn through our experiences and keep moving without stopping.

so I repeat a lot of books more than one time,

that is my rule if I find this book is good

but I don’t have a lot of experiences to understand the deep meaning of it

or I should try to practice some principles then I continue to save that book in its place till I do some movements.

as Reading is a process to rise up our awareness, we should know that this skill needs tools, and those tools are very important to keep us on the track of our goal to read any book.

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Rayhan Abdo

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