What do you think you learn just by practicing?

before October 2016 I took a decision to learn how to draw,

I wanted to make a new experience,

I always loved drawing from an early age but I had never gone further for more than such a love,

but I wasn’t sure that decision will really work or what,

what I have known human being is a crazy creature with a crazy mind that helps him to do anything he wants if he just focuses on it.
so I read a book called how to draw portraits in 30 days,

so from the first of October till 30 of October,

I came at the same time in my free time,

I sat and prepared all my things like a pencil, a rubber, the book, my headphone, and Music just those things and I started to draw for 30 minutes on average per day.
I did exactly what the writer of drawing and the artist asked me to do,

nothing from my experience actually my experience towards drawing was Zero.
day by day everything had changed I started to draw really awesome drawings,

I have my sisters who encouraged me a lot,

and I kept pushing my self towards learning until I finished all the book with learning all the important techniques for drawing.

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my learning step in drawings from the book:

after that, I picked up an app from App store and I saw many celebrities,

so I started to draw them exactly as I saw them, that is a kind of learning,

and the result was incredible because I was a totally Zero experience in drawing,

and I had just started to try it by giving some of the time for this beautiful skill
I drew Michel Jackson,Rihanna, Shakira, Lady GaGa, Justin paper

and a lot of celebrities. as you see:

I took a further step and I started to draw my family and my friends 🙂 ,

most of them offered me that too and I was very happy to do that for them

and now I started to think seriously to learn and improve this skill, I practice daily and I
think if I kept that practicing I will be an expert in drawing :).
It wasn’t a talent I never born as an artist I was born as myself

and I just grow my skills and experiences as many people could do that.
cheers 🙂

Rayhan Abdo


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